~ How to Order ~

Order Procedure

Step 1: Enquiry

Please e-mail us at "ashley@asartycraft.com" with the Product Code for enquiry.

Step 2: Purchase Order

*For Hong Kong Customers: You will receive an Invoice with product details and "Payme" QR code.
*For Overseas Customers: You will receive an e-mail of PayPal online invoice.

Step 3: Payment

*For Hong Kong Customers: Please scan the "Payme" QR code settle the payment. (*Postage fee to be paid by customers when pick up goods at SF station.)
*For Overseas Customers: Please open the PayPal online invoice to settle payment include postage fee and submit the order.

PayPal online invoice on computer: Page 1

Open the e-mail and click "View and Pay Invoice" yellow button

Page 2

Please click "Pay now" blue button

Page 3

Please click "Pay with a debit or credit card" to fill in the form and click "Continue" yellow button

Page 1

Please click "View and Pay Invoice"
yellow button

PayPal online invoice on smart phone
Page 2

Please click "Pay with card"
Blue button

Page 3

Please fill in card no. and 3-digit
security code at the back of your card
and click "Continue" yellow button

Step 4: Delivery

*For Hong Kong Customers: The product to be picked up at SF stations to be chosen by customers.
*For Overseas Customers: The product will be shipped to your mailing address within 4~6 weeks.

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