~ Stitching ~ All leather goods are handmade with genuine calf leather!

Leather Collections

Tote Bag 001

Tote Bag 002

Mans Tote Bag 003

Tote Bag 004

Small Tote Bag
with Pocket 005

Tote Bag
with Pocket 006

Mans Tote Bag
with Pocket 007

Tote Bag
with Pocket 008

Mans Cross-body Bag 101

Shoulder Bag 102

Cross-body Bag 103

Cross-body Bag 104

Cross-body Bag 105

Key Bag 201

Big Key Bag 202

Pen Case 203

Glasses Case 204

Remarks: *Genuine leather may have minor imperfections which do not affect the functioning of the goods!
*The website images are sample only and leather goods to be made by order which may have slight variation from the photos.

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