~ Pottery ~ All pottery items are handmade & each piece is unique!

Coiling Collections

Container 001

Oval Bowl 002

Vase 003

Sold- Big Vase 004

Vase 005

Pinching Collections

Sold- Mini-Pot 101

Mini-Pots Set 102

Sold- Pebble Pot 103

Sold- Pebble Pot 104

Sold- Small Pot 105

Sold- Small Vase 106

Container 201

Sold- Container 202

Slabbing Collections

Kitty Plate 301

Square Plate 302

Sold- Mass Dish 303

Small Vase 304

Sold- Square Plate 305

Soap Dish 306

Mushroom Plate

Sheep Coaster 401

Sheep Chopstick
Stands 402

Sheep Chopstick
Stands 403

Fish Chopstick
Stands 404

Lover's Heart
Chopstick Stands 405

Sold- Lover's Heart
Chopstick Stands 407

Lover's Heart
Chopstick Stands 408

Slab-Accessory Collections

Brooch 501

Pendant 502

Sold- Pendant 503

Sold- Brooch 504

Magnetic Pin 505

Magnetic Pin 506

Sold- Brooch 507

Throwing Collections

Sold- Bowl 601

Bowl 602

Sold- Tea Cup 701

Small Pot 702

Remarks: *Handmade products are individually made, each piece is picked for it's own characteristics, there may have minor imperfections which usually add to it's charm but they do not affect the functioning of the piece!
*Pottery color may have slight variation from the website images!

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