~ Floral Art ~ It is not difficult to see many of my product theme and painting are inspired from Flower. I always love floral motif in my design. Finally, I have decided to take a course from the American Floral Art School-Academic Diploma in Year 2022. The study process is very enjoyable and informative. I learnt many basic useful techniques in Floral Arrangement. These are few course works that I have done during the first few lessons.

Triangular Shape

Sphere Shape

Flower for Openning

Upside Down T-shape

I have to admit that the process of mix matching the different color and types of flowers and leaves is very stress killing. Besides the course work from school, I am very keen on having my own design and creation. The following are some of my design works.

Orange Roses Table Flower

Flower Basket for Men

Pinkish Theme Flower

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