~ Stitching ~ Sewing and Stitching is similar to pottery; to create something from scrap into a usable object is full of satisfaction. I like D.I.Y. anything I could do and enjoy the process of mix matching different materials and color. I used to sew a lot of fabric items, including clothing. I started making handmade leather bag in 2017 . Both of them have similarities that requires patience and the tricks to a nice item is the pattern cutting.
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Fabric Collections

The following sewing items are made of local source fabric. I wish to collect good quality fabric and produce a product category of Fabric Collections sooner or later.

Floral Fabric
Tote Bag

Polka Dot Fabric
Tote Bag

Marimekko Iconic
Fabric Tote Bag

Fabric from Japan


Pair of Cushion Covers
Fabric from Okinawa

Pair of Cushion Covers
Fabric from Takayama



I started making crochet objects since joining a short course in Year 2022. It is a very similar concept as embroidery in a way that both use cotton thread or yarn to make. Their major difference is embroidery is 2 dimensional stitching on fabric while crochet is 3 dimensional knitting. The following are some little crochet objects I had made.

Cherry Charm

Plate of Citrus

Pink Strawberry Charm

Strawberry Charm

Flower Earrings

Flower Necklace

Mushroom Charm

Citrus Charm

Cherry Brooches

Greyish Cherry Brooch

Citrus Brooch

Citrus Brooch

Basket Brooches

Brooches & Charm

Basket Brooch

Basket Brooch

Rose Brooch

Lily Brooch

Little Sheep Charm

Pine Nut Charm

Piggy Figure




Embroidery: Brooch

I had joined a short course of Japanese Style Embroidery in Year 2021. Since then I am obsessed with this stitching handcraft. I enjoy the process of stitching with many colorful cotton threads to create adorable graphical objects and make them into wearable brooch. Some of the following items are learnt from the course and made after referencing from the book written by a famous Japanese Embroiderer "Yumiko Higuchi". Some brooches are launched in the retail category "Stitching". Customers are welcome to browse around.



Little Flowers

Cherry Blossom



Flower on Black

Embroidery Material Kit

There are many ready-made embroidery material kit available in the market. Most of them are from Japan and there are different brands, too! My favourite one is "Olympus". The first two items are made from the "Olympus" material kit.

Flower Brooch

Needle Book

Needle Book Back

Wreath Brooch

Upcycling: Small Fabric Bag

Since I have learnt to make a drawstring fabric bag from the Embroidery class, I have a sudden idea of upcycling all my old fabric bags available at home. I guess many people have a lot of them as a free gift from retail promotion. By adding some nicely embroidery to cover up the brand name on these bags, it would be upgrading into an adorable new items.

The following is the upcycled bags I have made except the first one "Purple Flowers" is a newly made drawstring bag. As a beginner of embroidery art, most of the patterns are referencing from the Masters with my own color preference but some are my own ideas."Butterfly" is totally original creation and "Red Flowers" is embroidery of 3D stitching method.

Purple Flowers





Pink Flowers

Yellow Flowers


Blue Plants

Red Flowers

Fishes Tote Bag

Fruits Tote Bag

Embroidery Artwork

I have made the following first embroidery artwork "Framed Poinsettia" in the short course which is a table top frame. The poinsettia is made by two 3D stitching method called "Woven Picot stitch" & "Weaving stitch". The second wall hung artwork "Flower Basket" is my original design pattern & color matching. I love the final outcome very much which has very nice color scheme on Lavender fabric. It is also using some of the 3D sitiching method including the above mentioned, plus "Cast On stitch" & "Bullion Rose stitch". 3D stitching is usually made for wall hung art piece. It is as nice as a painting on wall that add flavour to the interior space.

Framed Poinsettia

Close Up

Flower Basket

Close Up

Embroidery on Clothing

Embroidery is very commonly used on apparel design but most of them are machine stitched. It is more flat than and not as lively as hand stitched one. I had applied some of the graphical motif that I made on fabric brooch onto the clothing.



Cherry Blossom


Leather Collections: The Making of Leather Bag

Step 1

Design the
Tote Bag

Step 2

Pattern Cutting
the Leather

Step 3

Marking the
Stitch Line

Step 4

Punching the
Stitch Hole

Step 5

Stitching the
Leather Handle

Step 6

Combining the
Front & Back

Step 7

Polishing the
Leather Edge


The First Work
Magenta Tote Bag

The Second Leather Tote Bag

This bag is made of one big piece of genuine calf leather with simple cutting. I have also made another sell item- Leather Tote Bag 001 from the same piece of leather with different cutting. That one have two pieces of leather on the sides to improve its bag volume and more three dimensional.

Leather Tote Bag

Stitching Detail

Base Detail

with Bag Charm

Custom Order

I would like to express many thanks to the Customers who had ordered 6 nos. of Custom-made Leather Tote Bags. All of them are with different details such as bag cutting, bag size, leather and thread color.

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